Using the Ignite Portland Constitution and the Ignite Phoenix Rules & Guidelines as a starting point, here are the criteria, values, and guidelines that Ignite Miami will follow. We don’t want it to become just another event, but something novel that reflects the uniqueness of Miami.

This is subject to debate and change, so let us know your thoughts.

Open and Community Based

Anyone who wants to can participate. As long as you have something interesting, and stick to the format (20 slides for 15 seconds each), you’re good. If you don’t like something about the way Ignite works, and want to change it, let us know. We’ll listen to you, but can’t promise to accommodate every request. We realize this format just may not work for everyone, and that’s fine.

Make it Interesting!

We have room for 16 presentations during our events, but generally get twice the number of topic submissions. Final presentations will be judged and selected first and foremost on how interesting they are, and not much else. That is, we want to avoid any other subjective criteria, like how well an idea fits with the “theme” or “feel” of the event, or of Miami itself. We, the organizers, don’t pretend to know what “most people” would find interesting, and we don’t think the presenters should worry about that either. If your idea fits the format, and is interesting to at least one person (e.g., you), then please submit your topic.

No Keynotes

All presentations will be given equal standing/billing. Let them differentiate themselves on their own merit and interestingness. We don’t want to have “featured” presenters, keynotes, or special slots for presenters or for sponsors.


Ignite Miami is run by a team comprised entirely of unpaid volunteers. We have a wide range of costs including the venue, advertising, and other materials and activities that support the events, and are looking for companies to sponsor upcoming events.


We want Ignite to be about promoting and sharing burning ideas. If those ideas happen to take the form of the company you work for, the startup you’re trying to get funded, or any other self-serving commercial interest, then so be it. We’re fine with it, really. But whatever you present had better be interesting, because that’s what it’s going to be judged on in people’s minds. if you’re going to market to people at Ignite Miami, you’d better be smart about it. Because if you’re not, it won’t be pretty…

The Rest of the Rules

I guess there have to be some “real” rules in here, somewhere. So, here they are:

Selected presenters shouldn’t do anything that’s going to get you or us in trouble. In short, keep your topic legal and don’t be stupid. We try very hard to keep the presentation at a PG-13 level and we ask that all presenters do the same. We don’t want a completely G-rated event, but this is open to the public and presenters should avoid using language and visuals which are graphic, disturbing or suitable only for mature audiences.

Presenters cannot present at two Ignite Miami events in a row. So if you presented at Ignite Miami #1, you cannot present at Ignite Miami #2, but may present at Ignite Miami #3 or beyond. Why do we do this? In order to ensure that we keep the presentations and presenter lineups diverse. However, we know that people have more than one passion, so that’s why we only require presenters to take a one-event hiatus before submitting another presentation idea.

Presenters should deliver original material. If ideas or content are borrowed from someone else, we expect to know; attribution must be given to the original creator. Such attribution should appear on the slide that displays the original work or idea, as well as a brief mention out loud.

That pretty much covers it!

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