Submit Talk!

Are you passionate about something you want to teach, show, explain, or share with other creative people in Miami? Take five minutes to tell us about you and your topic and we’ll put you in consideration for the next Ignite Miami!

If this is a pitch about a product or service you sell – STOP!
If this about motivation, coaching, or ways to be super wonderful – STOP!
If this is a personal hobby, obsession, interest, or fascination – CARRY ON!

We’re sure your product/service is great, but that’s not what Ignite Miami is about. We are looking for very real, tangible things people do (Saving Coral Reefs), they know (Mastery), they’ve tried (Hacking Your Brain), they’re starting (Science Museum 2.0) or they’ve studied ( Building 3-D Models from X-Rays). Share the things you really love, no matter how strange or obscure you think it might be!

Any topic is fair game, as long as it’s PG-13 and isn’t a sales pitch.

Now, on to the submission process! If you submit an idea, you agree that you:

are able to speak on this topic in 5 minutes, not a second more.
can create a 20-slide presentation to support your talk.
allow your submission, presentation and a video of your talk to be posted online (your email address and phone number will be kept private).
will not pitch or advertise for a product or business, even your own
will adhere to the Constitution for Ignite Miami!

Please note the timeline:

The submission deadline is midnight EST August 6th, 2012 for the Ignite Miami #2 event on September 20th, 2012.

Selected speakers will be notified on August 13th, 2012. You will have three weeks to prepare your presentation.

Presentations are due on September 3rd, 2012. We need this time to confer with you and to queue up all the presentations.

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